Thursday, July 18, 2013


Working Life
Been working for two years already, nothing much have changed, but colleagues comes and go.
Definitely I have met the ugly, grumpy, funny and the good! :)

Movie Day Out with my colleagues after the recent BBQ gathering!

Sarah Josephine Liezel Me & Carmel
-> Photoshoot during work - Cutest moment!

Student Nurse Arr Lay Sarah Me & Wenna
Anyway, Good news to share which is i am being upgraded to SN1 recently with my batch girls together, salary did not increase much but workload & responsibilities increase! :( Well, there is still alot to learn! -Positive Mindset-

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Life! :D

Life is never easy and People like me always like to grumble! But no matter what happened, Life still goes On.

I always complaint that i'm fat, have got small eyes and etc etc. But.. i think i'm already very fortunate that i'm born with what i'm now (: And i'm also fortunate to have what i have in my life now.
My Sweetheart and my family <3 XOXO!

                                                           PHOTO OF THE DAY

Monday, January 2, 2012

How Spent Those Special Days In my Life! (:

I had a Lonely Christmas This Year Cos My Beloved Is Not By My Side! :(
As Usual, Working On Eve and Christmas Itself! Kinda Sad But Ended Up, My Friend Brought me To Town For a Walk, Eat Beancurd at Yishun and Head Home. Then, i Felt Much Better :D

Awesome New Year Eve'2011
Fly To BKK Immediately After My Night Shift With My Cute Litt Boy! <3

                                                               On the Way to BKK!
Day1- Went to Near By And Platunium Mall!

                                         We travelled around using this Vehicle Or by Feet! (:

I think the engine of this vehicle is in between my legs! Its Damn Hot when i Lean my legs on it! Think my Legs too Short, Couldn't Open Bigger! -.- Well, Normally for them to Drive u around will be around 100-200baht! But Can Bargain Abit! (:

Day2- Siam Paragon ( Underwater World ), Central World, MBK and Chinatown

                                                        Feeding time for penguin
Guess what! My baby Damn Cute! Knowing that There will be a feeding session for penguin at 1230hrs then become very excited! Then insisted to go! When i Say, Don't Want then he Become so Disappointed But Ended Up.. We Went!

                                     Admission for Package is 1100baht, Non Package is 900baht
                                                 Whileworth Trip thou its Quite Costly!

                              Christmas theme for Central World is Teddy Bear! Damn Cute! (:

Lazy to Upload Rest Of the photo already cos Its time to sleep! i Simply enjoyed my trip Despite of litt arguements but its still a fruitful trip. Able to spent all these Special Day with Loves One Is a Bonus! :)

                                                       Happy New Year To All

Sunday, June 26, 2011

i'm not well, i'm not okay! Regardless its during work or relationship! :(
i'm so tired! Just started work at Raffles Hospital not long ago, been one month plus.. learning all the things that didnt get to learnt during student time. when things gets wrong, its always us to get blamed! But its okay, this is life, the realistic of life!

But I seriously can't wait to get my salary and go shop till i dropped and Home with a BIGGGG hole in my pocket! :D Few more day to pay Day!
My Dear PAY, I'm missing you, are you missing me too? HAHA!
Anyway, I love my colleague at work, I love going out to eat when knock off! (: i miss working with them and soon i gonna say hello to my night shift =( OH NO!!!

Stepping into society.....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

28/02/2011 12:07am

The naughty Sarah took photos of me when i'm trying to tie my hair!

I'm counting Down to my Last Day of attachment! However, it means i gonna start work soon. i don't know if choosing to work OT is a good choice.
I'm counting down to my Thailand trip cos i'm so excited =3 My virgin Trip!

Can't really rmb when my last post simply because i'm busy! :( Recently met up with Hanyo, Pooh and Yijia (: due to my sister birthday. And i went to watch movies with my Baby and i'm number four is a nice movie.
i enjoyed my day with my baby and friends! (: Have been eating out with Sarah and Gek Min after attachment and we even went to arcade! *to distress!* i think i grow FATTER! HaHa! Time have become so precious to meand i guess when i started working, my time left is even lesser! ever since my OT Posting, i have got pimples all over my forehead And darker eye Bag! =( Upon seeing it, i felt so depressed!
Okay! Time to sleep! (: Goodnight! have to work at my Clinic tml

Sometimes, i Just Have To Smile; Pretend Everything it's Okay;
Hold back The Tears, And Just Walk Away.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello! My Name is Ethan!


its first day of new year today! and almost all my relatives came cos i only got litt relatives.
And that boy in the photo is my aunt's son baby! so cute leh (X
In the photo i look damn messy ah but i don't care! the main person in the photo is the baby! Haha =D Today my relatives came when i just wake up that's why!
Hmmm, just now i took a afternoon nap and i felt so good (: since a long time since i last nap alone! Hee =P And yesterday went to watch the green hornet and i fallen asleep LOL!
*Because i love you that's why i wouldn't mind watching some movie that i don't like with You*

Happy New Year to EveryOne! (:
Anyway, i feel like getting a Gucci Wallet but its waste of money! i wanted to get a new spects too but i'm saving money for my Thailand Trip and it will be the second time going to oversea with my Baby <3

i'm Sorry that i just can't stop thinking about it because i'm selfish.
Its because i don't wan you to think about your past anymore.
I don't want a guy who have other girl in their mind.
I'm Sorry if One day i have to let Go and move On and Perhaps by Doing this u might miss me more often.

Monday, January 24, 2011

hold it tight when u decided to hold my hand


i'm soo hungry due too..
The moment i wake up i have to search for notes but can't find then have to switch on computer to search for the stuff i needed to know but till now also couldn't find all the things that i needed to know! =(
I'm feeling freaking tired now!
Once again have to Get prepare and get ready for work.